5 apps to download before your next Disney vacation

Disney World

There’s a lot to think about when preparing for any vacation – flights, reservations, packing, pet care, etc. Do you ever use apps when you travel? Like everything else in the digital world, there is an overabundance of travel apps, but choosing the right ones can help you stay organized. Here are my top 5 suggestions for apps to download before your next Disney vacation.

Of course we all want blue skies and warm temperatures but let’s be realistic. Rain happens. The app that comes with your phone may suffice but if you want detailed hourly predictions, you’ll want something a little more robust like Dark Sky, AccuWeather or The Weather Channel.

If you don’t already have your airline’s app, you should definitely download it before you fly. Not only can you download your boarding pass for easy access but you will also get updates if there are any changes to your flights. Pro tip: After you download your boarding pass, take a screenshot of it just in case you run into issues with the app when boarding.

Ride Share
Sometimes it’s faster to call Uber or Lyft rather than take Disney transportation, especially if you have an early morning character breakfast or a super tired toddler who can’t wait in bus lines at the end of the day. Make sure you have both of these apps downloaded before you go. If you’re using one of them for the first time, use my referral links for a discount. Click here for Lyft and here for Uber (or use promo code cheris1827ui for Uber). 

My Disney Experience
You must download this app. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just download this app! You will have the entire Walt Disney World in the palm of your hands with attraction wait
times, showtimes, park hours, park maps, dining reservations and so much more.

Play Disney Parks
We all know that wait times can be difficult when traveling with children. This new app offers interactive experiences, games, trivia and other fun while you wait for shows and attractions
(or if you just need to take a break from the rides). For instance, when you’re waiting for an attraction in a galaxy far far away, you and your family can interact with droids, take on jobs to help outpost residents or help your faction in the battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

If you’re looking to streamline your travel experience, you’ll find these apps to be extremely helpful. Once you have your travel apps downloaded, I suggest creating a folder to put them all in. Voila!

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